Sunday, July 09, 2006

Lets grow the student throught out the technology approach

Information Technology is an technology based on data processing, inclusive of processing, getting, compiling, in so many way of to produce information which good quality, that is relevant information, accurate and on schedule, that can be used for person, business, and the governance and represent strategic information for the decision making.

In some bigs country technology is most popular than poor country, this technological use a set the computer for data processing, network system to connect one computer with other computer as according to requirement, and the telecommunications technology used the data to can be disseminated and accessed globally.

Growth of information technology can improve performance and enable various activity can be executed swiftly, precisely and accurate , so that finally will improve productivity. Growth of information technology show the popping out of various activity type being based on this technology, like e-government, e-commerce, e-education, e-medicine, e-laboratory, and other, which is all the things have electronics based.

It will be good approaching for the Student as young generation to integrate them self on information and technology boarding.
as Tsunami survivors it is most practise for them to develop them self for fetching world global, indeed aftermatch of tsunami and eartqueke Acehness issues became to International issued and preciesly many knowledge, Information and technology have been transmitted to Acehness which whom issolated during the Military opperation and another restricted access established by the govermental site during the conflict between Rebel GAM (said Free Aceh Movement) and the goverment of Indonesia (GOI).

The fenomena is more attractive generation most likely cutting down the link connection betwen the community with the IT access. Irronically there was no chance for that and the young generation is being degradated of knowledge.

Next step to move from bottom to up to introduce the young generation the higher information technology; just to lets them grow fast and faster throught out technology approach and just let's
them breathing in fresh air to forget every thing forget conflict; forget Tsunami and earthqueke and forget their parent which is lost during the tsunami and right now is event for them to build them self.


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